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I offer a variety of training services to ensure you can train no matter how busy your schedule.

All packages include:

- Free access to my 3 recipe e-books : High Protein, Low carb & 5 ingredient recipe books fully compatible with myfitnesspal app.

Upper body resistence training


Learn how to train safely with gym equipment

Develop a training programme for your needs. Learn how to lift weights safely under close, detailed supervision.


Learn proper form to give you the most efficient workout possible and build  confidence to train alone.


Outside of the personal training sessions, you will keep a food diary which is examined weekly yo ensure you make progress both inside and outside the gym. 

Advanced flexibility training

Hybrid coaching

A mixture of 1-1 coaching and online programming

If you lack structure in your gym sessions  and wish to perfect your lifting technique  this is for you. 

Hybrid coaching consists of 

- 1-1 PT sessions either weekly or monthly in addition to following a custom made gym programme to do on your own.

The PT sessions will aim to familiarise you with the exercises performed on the program that you will carry out alone during the week 

Zoom personal training


1-1 or Group Training

Want to workout from the comfort of your own home? Train 1-1 or as a group via Zoom (session price stays the same no matter how many people join you). Let me help you utilise the equipment you have available (if any) to help you get the best results possible.

Services: Services
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